Wednesday, November 23, 2005

advent blog starts next week ... (updated again 29 nov)

Our advent blog will start next week. Thanks to all of you who have agreed to blog with us over the next few weeks, you should receive an invitation via blogger soon ...

Feel free to blog anything as long as there is some kind of link to advent.

Try not to make your posts too long ...

Looking forward to see what happens ...

Please indicate a day or days (in comments) when you would like to, or be happy to, blog / don't worry if someone's taken your day, we can 2 blogs a day ...

28 nov - andy goodliff
29 nov - anderson marsh
30 nov - brodie mcgregor
1 dec - yasmin finch
2 dec - laurence craig
3 dec - ashley beck
4 dec - day of advent blogging rest
5 dec - jason fout
6 dec - brodie mcgregor
7 dec - maggi dawn
8 dec - steve goodliff
9 dec - flick
10 dec - anderson marsh
11 dec - day of advent blogging rest
12 dec - lorcan
13 dec - maggi dawn
14 dec - yasmin finch
15 dec - jason fout
16 dec - laurence craig
17 dec - flick
18 dec - day of advent blogging rest
19 dec - ashley beck
20 dec - maggi dawn
21 dec - brodie mcgregor
22 dec - steve goodliff
23 dec - Steve Jones
24 dec - andy goodliff


Anonymous said...

hi a, found it! sorry... how about 7th, 13th, 20th? maggi

postliberal said...

I suspect I'll be able to do pretty much any time - so feel free to fit me around what others find more convenient.

ash said...

I'll do the 19th, and I'll add another when it's fuller.

steveg said...

8th and 22nd please....

Unknown said...

Hello I'm happy to do 29th Nov and 10th and 23rd Dec

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postliberal said...

I've been having a quick muse, and would like to 'definately' sign up for the 16th as well (2 weeks spacing is pretty good).

Monk-in-Training said...

May I blog on the 10th?

Jason said...

Would it work for me to blog on the 5th and the 15th? Thanks! -JF

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to do the 1st and 14th.

Brodie said...

if no one else wants the 30th of November then I'm up for that - it is after all St Andrew's day, a good day for a Scot to blog if ever there was one.

ash said...

i'll also do the third.


Frog said...

OK, I'll do the 3rd and the 23rd? only if that is OK, and if you are short of someone, sugn me up for whatever, cheers.

Frog said...

No no, forget what I said above, I'll do the 9th and 17th if that is OK

Lorcan said...

I'll do the twelth of if it is still open

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