Monday, November 28, 2005

questions to ponder

As advent begins ...

some questions to ponder ...

Who are we looking forward to?
Who are we hoping for?
Who are we anticipating?
Who are we dreaming of?
Who are we in love with?
Who are we thinking about inside?
Who are we eager to avoid?
Who are we trusting in?
Who are we uneasy around?
Who are we giving our time to?
Who are we shopping for?
Who are we ambitious to become?
Who are we forgetting?
Who are we guilty of lying to?
Who are we impatient with?
Who are we loved by?

May God bless you
may God shine his face upon you
and give you peace


Lorna said...

really good and deep questions

postliberal said...

There're some great counterpoints - I'm going to print the list out and stick it on my wall to bear in mind for the next 4 weeks.

Chris said...

It's great to think about advent in terms of who. The what and why just sort of pale in comparison. Thanks.

Lorcan said...

Some asked me the other day, an old Friend and weighty Quaker, if I thought there was more to Quakerism than seeing God in everyone. I told him that that was to be convinced in the mind, and to be concinvced in the heart one needed to be present to God in each person. This post really speaks to that. We miss the most important face of God, when we don't seek God in the least likely places.
Thy friend and Friend

Rach said...

I really like this and will be doing the same as Mr Liberal.