Saturday, November 10, 2007

Advent Blog 07 sign up here

Its a few weeks until advent starts again, and like past years I'm planning an advent blog. Each day someone posts a thought, a scripture, a picture to help guide us through the season.

If you want to take part, click on comments and tell me the dates you want

dec 2 - julian templeton
3 - catriona gorton
4 - jim gordon
5 - andy scott
6 - andy goodliff
7 - ash beck
8 - jason fout
9 - jason goroncy
10 - miriam pugh
11 - ash beck
12 - andy scott
13 - andy goodliff
14 - jason fout
15 - stuart blythe
16 - jason goroncy
17 - andy jackson
18 - jim gordon
19 - catriona gorton
20 - stuart blythe
21 - ash beck
22 - lynn
23 - andy goodliff


jim Gordon said...

Hi Andy, I'm happy to do Dec 4, 11, 18. I'll wait and see how many others sign up before deciding if any more might be needed. You're right - many voices would be good.

Anonymous said...

Andy, I'll do the first Sunday in Advent.

Andy Scott said...

Hi Andy,
I'd be happy to do something on
5th and 12th if that's ok!
Hope you're well,
Andy Scott

ash said...

I can do the 7th, 11th and 21st.

Jason said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the invitation; may I blog on 8 and 14 December?


Catriona said...

Hi Andy,
Thank you for the invitation to take part.

I could offer 3rd and 19th (if you let me know how to post here!).

lynn said...


May I do 22 Dec?

(have watched and read but haven't ever done this before. Hope I do it along the right lines)