Wednesday, March 26, 2008

stations of the resurrection

On easter sunday evening we held a stations of the resurrection service (the idea originating from jonny baker's worship tricks - which if you haven't come across yet is a great place for worship ideas. He's in series three now). The service involved 11 different people or groups of people taking a resurrection scripture and responding to it in some way. It was fantastic for me after a long week of services and running easter icons to just have the responsibility of welcoming and blessing. There were some really powerful stations - Jesus appearing on the shore of Galilee (John 21) was told from the perspective of Peter; Jesus' words to the disciples on the mountain (Matthew 28) centred on the word 'go' and how so often we stay in the empty tomb and don't go out into the world; we had drama, music in the form of elvis ... It was a great way to celebrate easter day. (We're going to have a go at something similar for pentecost)

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