Saturday, October 31, 2009

Advent Blog 2009 Sign-Up

29 julian templeton
1 jim gordon
2 lynn alexander
3 catriona gorton
4 andy goodliff
6 julian templeton
7 ashley beck
8 alan mair
9 terry wright
10 julie aylward
11 jim gordon
12 neil brighton
13 miriam pugh
14 rowena greenwood
15 jason goroncy
16 phil durrant
17 lucy wright
18 nigel coles
19 catriona gorton
20 geoff colmer
21 lynn alexander
22 terry wright
23 andy scott


jim Gordon said...

I know you want as many as possible participating Andy - so happy to do as much or as little as needed. Suggest 1,11,21 of December - is there a common approach or theme? Can't believe Advent is already knocking on the liturgical door - but it's one of the high plateaus of my own spiritual searching and finding.

Anonymous said...

Andy, happy to do 2 or 3, but not any before the 10th.

Catriona said...

Hi Andy,
I am happy to do one or two.

In common with past years and other "December babies" I'd be pleased to have my birthday (how sad!) on 19th and one or two others if that helps and there are gaps.

Like Jim, I would find it helpful to know if there is an theme or suggested approach this time.

Thank you for organising this, it's always really good to read other's thoughts.

Terry Wright said...

Andy, I'm happy to contribute this year. Can you put me down for two?

Julie said...

I am happy to do one - how about the 10th - not my birthday but one of my daughter's.

Nigel Coles said...

yes, be happy to join in again - one after the 11th would be favourite

Geoff Colmer said...

Hi Andy! I'll do 20 December. Look forward to it.

Phil Durrant said...

Hi Andy,

Don't suppose I could have the 16th Dec could I?

I can't remember how to log in I'm afraid, so you'll need to remind me. Sorry.


lucy said...

Hi Andy, could I, also, as a December baby have 17th please?

lynn said...

can I have the 21 December?

Also can do Dec 2nd - following Jim is no mean feat though!


Anonymous said...

As another December baby I can do 23rd if it's still free!
andy scott

Anonymous said...

Andy, you very kindly keep me on this site though I am a most neglectful blogger!
As I have to find something to say to my congregation on the First Sunday of Advent, I will volunteer to do an extracted shortened version for the 29th of November.
I will also volunteer to do something similar on the 6th of December.

Neil said...

I will do one of the 12th or following, just put me down for one

Rowena Wilding said...

Can I have the 14th?

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Looking at the the couple of spaces that still need filling, I could do something on the 8th if that would be helpful.


Alan Mair