Friday, May 06, 2005

Blair Road

Thanks Phil!

So another 4 years on Blair Road, although everyone saying it won't be the same kind of journey now his majority has been reduced. As this election been a good result for politics with imagination? I don't think so. I would have liked to have seen the Lib Dems win a few more seats - to have made some inroads into the Tories. Last night we saw a humbled Blair, Brown, Straw and Blunkett as they all promised to do some 'listening and learning'. We'll wait and see what happens.

Perhaps now we can turn this blog too other matters ...


ash said...

"...I would have liked to have seen the Lib Dems win a few more seats..."

maybe you should have voted then? :oP

I managed to stay up later last night than I did the night that Bush was re-elected. Dimbleby (David, not Jonathan) was great.

I am glad that Labour has lost seats. I'm not glad that the Tories gained some of them, but that's a bi-product we'll have to live with. Was interesting hearing it all compared to a presidential election... and slightly scarey too.

The Liberals will have their time to shine. We've lost the battle, not the war ;o)

andy goodliff said...

Can I just say for the record the reason I did not vote was because I was not on the electoral role, due to my moving house recently, and thus could not vote.

I stayed up until 3am. It will be an interesting 4 years ahead, I don't think anyone really knows what will happen - what will blair do, when will he go, who will be next Tory leader, will the Lib Dems continue to do well as the Iraq war issue becomes less important