Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Revenge of the Sith: the Verdict

Oh dear! Revenge of the Sith is a film which lacks a credible story, characters and script. Anakain's turn to the dark side lacks reason. Poor old Padme is just not the character she was in the first Episode. The way the film opens lacks narrative. The film itself is prettying boring, because so much of what is said is so rubbish. Here was an opportunity for a great film, an exploration of why someone turns to evil and Lucas has blown it, too caught up in his self-created world to check whether the story actually works. There are of course some memorable moments, but the verdict is episodes I, II and III should never have been made, they are pale comparison to the early films. It's sad that some much money was wasted on something that doesn't live up to any of hype and potential promise. Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are great films because Lucas did not write or direct them. Lucas should write the story and then someone else should have been brought in to turn the story into a coherent film with real characters.

I find myself in complete agreement with this review.

Poor old Helen - this was the first Star Wars film she's seen, I can't imagine, it will encourage her to see any others.

Does anyone want to defend the film?

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ash said...

I do. I think to say that you cannot see what Annikin turns bad shows that you haven't really understood the film. Granted, watching it on the surface, it's a film with glow-stick fights and numerous defyings of the laws of physics.


annikin turns to the dark side because he is beig corrupted and twisted by Palpatine. It is gradual, although they had a small amount of time to cram it into...

It's a very similar series of events to Grima's corruption of Theoden in LOTR. He sows small seeds of doubt in Annikin's mind until, eventually, He sees he is ready to betray the Jedi... because he believes the Jedi are bad... he is decieved.

Padmé's death is also highly drawn into this. If Anniking hadn't joined the dark-side, then she would have lived, because she dies of a broken heart. Palpatine knows this, and wants her to die because love is good and would prevent Annikin from fully embracing the dark side of the force and reaching his true bad-ass potential.

It's all dramatic irony in the end, because we see what's happening and Annikin doesn't. He joins the dark-side to save Padmé and this is what kills her.

I think there is far more under the surface of the film that you haven't seen. All good tragedies leave bits to the audience's imagination... it's more powerful that way.

One thing I will say though... Yoda had no excuse for running away from the Palpatine/Sidius battle....!

It was a bit drawn out, and they did try to cram too many loose ends into the end, such as the death star and the guardianship of Luke and Lair. But it wasn't a bad movie, and I would watch it again.

For a hillarious summary of the film, check this out.