Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stop,Look and Listen!

When I was about six or seven I would go to the Tuffty Club to learn about Road Saftly, every week we would recite in parrot fasion what we should do before crossing the road, STOP,LOOK and LISTEN. As we journey through Lent I’m reminded that as Christians this is something I should be doing:

We should STOP being so busy, have more time to reflect. Slowing down for God is important, we can be so busy thinking we are serving God that we are truly failing to do what is important to him!

LOOK at what God has and is doing in my life. If we can’t see where we have come from it’s difficult to see where we are going

LISTEN to what God is saying to me and act on it, he may want to change a long held believe, or get me to look at something from a different angle, may be take me deeper into something and show me more of him!

May I wish you all a happy and a holy Lent, don’t forget to STOP,LOOK and LISTEN!!!

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ash said...

you know... I was trying to explain to someone about the Tufty the Squirrell club not that long ago, and they wouldn't beleive me! They were my own age too, which is crazy. I was a member twice... both my playschools did it, so i got two bookletts and two badges...

I'll have to dig them out as proof if they still exist in the realms of the living.

I think you're spot on here, too. We need indeed to slow our pace and listen and watch and wait... it's all a bit like Advent... just sadder i guess..