Friday, December 01, 2006

Enter Here

Enter here,
Pull ahead,
Drive slow,
Take time to think,
The Christ Child is coming,
Pull ahead,
Drive slow.


Andy Goodliff said...

excellent start brodie. I'm sleeping outside today to raise money for the homeless haven in stevenage, so hopefully i'll be awake enough tomorrow to blog

Wulf said...

I know it breaks the metaphor but for real life I think it is worth sticking a "stop" or two in there as well (something I'm trying to practise myself).

On a tangent, where is the photo from?

Brodie said...

Andy - hat's off to you for sleeping out. I watched one of the BBC programmes about homelessness and its effects on kids. Brought back memories of when we lost our home in the late 80's. So I hope you manage to raise a lot.

Wulf - yes there probably should be a stop or two in there. I found the image (don't know where) a long time ago when I was just looking for some images on the web. I see it's now on flicker and I believe it's an underground car park in New York.