Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Advent Blog 2008 Sign-Up

via the comments, let me know which date you'd like

1 Lynn
2 Ashley Beck
3 Julian Templeton
4 Geoff Colmer
5 Jim Gordon
6 Catriona Gorton
7 Craig Gardiner
8 Andy Scott
9 Andrew Jackson
10 Nigel Coles
11 Andy Goodliff
12 Phil Durrant
13 Julie Aylward
14 Miriam Pugh
15 Neil Brighton
16 Simon Woodman
17 Lucy Wright
18 Jim Gordon
19 Catriona Gorton
20 Ashley Beck
21 James Grote
22 Rowena Greenwood
23 Andy Goodliff


Catriona said...

Hi Andy,
I could do 6th December

Geoff Colmer said...

Hi Andy! I'll do 4 December. Geoff

Andy Scott said...

Advent beckons! I'll do something on Monday 8th Dec. Regards, Andy S

lynn said...

Hi there. can I do 1 December?

ash said...

I shall register interest, but i'll commit to a date when there are fewer to choose from!

Anonymous said...

I'll do 3rd December.

jim Gordon said...

Hi Andy

I'll do December 5. Let me know if more is needed.

A. S. Tatum said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

I could do 9th December

Andrew Jackson

neil said...

Hi Andy
I'll do Monday 15th Dec

jim Gordon said...

Hello Andy. Can do a second post- just slot me in for whatever date. Thanks


ash said...

Hi Andy, could I do the 2nd and 20th please? thanks

Catriona said...

Hi Andy, I will gladly do a second post. I can do pretty much any day that suits - but 19th would be nice if no-one else wants it.

Craig Gardiner said...

I'll do the 7th if i may
even though it is my birthday

(I'm kind of hoping that makes me more reflective)

Rowena Greenwood said...

Can I have the 22nd please?

roanna said...

I could do the 10th if it's still free and needed - Nigel Coles (The Old Forge)

mim said...

id love to do the 14th

Carey said...

I'm kind of new. If it's possible, I'd be willing to blog for the 21st.