Sunday, December 14, 2008

Uncomfortable Love

Even in his birth Jesus was never going to bow to general expectation or “fit in”.

He came bringing not only joy to Mary but presumably a certain amount of fear and trepidation. Her pregnancy could have brought social disapproval, rejection, (as reflected in Joseph’s initial response…)- even the death of an adulteress???

He came bringing a challenge to the insecure Herod, who responded with an excessively violent attempt to sure up his power base. Not unlike some more modern scenarios...

He came bringing a whole new take on “royal birth” to the wise men, who did not find Him in the palace.

It was an aptly uncomfortable start to an uncomfortable incarnation. Jesus was misunderstood and rejected and killed as a social and religious outcast.

This is the Jesus we are waiting for, the Jesus we seek to emulate.
What is the implication to us this advent as we seek to follow Him?

Our family has again this advent been praying for Zimbabwe- thinking of our friends there in such appalling circumstances who understand better than us the meaning of true joy…
Whilst here in the UK we are caught in the trap of feeling we NEED what we really just want whilst lacking the want for what we really need.

Love came down at Christmas- uncompromising and uncomfortable Love reiterating the prophets cries for justice and truth and commitment. Love willing to go against the flow; to surprise and confound whilst fully embracing the humanity He challenged.

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