Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Advent Blog 2010 Sign Up

28 Jim Gordon
29 Jim Gordon
30 James Grote
1 Lynn Alexander
2 Neil Brighton
3 Juliet Kilpin
4 Andy Goodliff
5 Keith Jones
6 Craig Gardiner
7 Terry Wright
8 Tim Presswood
9 Nigel Coles
10 David Kerrigan
11 Alan Mair
12 Clare McBeath
13 Robert Parkinson
14 Steven Harmon
15 Rowena Wilding
16 Phil Durrant
17 Lucy Wright
18 Andrew Jackson
19 Catriona Gorton
20 Andy Scott
21 Simon Jones
22 Darrell Jackson
23 Ben Dare
24 Jonathan Somerville
25 Simon Woodman


rowenawilding said...

May I please have the 15th and/or 22nd?

Catriona said...

Hi Andy,
I am happy to take almost any day that suits... could stick with 19th as per usual or fit where there are gaps.

Least good for me is roughly 10-14 Dec as I'll most likely be in drugged stupor!!

Nigel Coles said...

Can I go for 9th? cheers Andy

Baptist Bookworm said...

Hi Andy, Can I have Christmas Day?

Terry Wright said...

7, 14, 21 for me, Andy - if that's not too greedy.

lynn said...

can I have december 1st please?


Alan Mair said...

I could do the 11th.

Andy Scott said...

20th Dec looks good for me!

Lucy Wright said...

Hi Andy, could I do 17th please?
Thanks, Lucy

Neil said...

Hi Andy

Happy to do any day, how about 2nd Dec

Phil Durrant said...

I'm game. 16th?

Robert Parkinson said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the invitation. I would be very pleased to take any day after 5 Dec. Just let me know. Cheers!

Andrew Jackson said...

Andy, put me down for the 18th. Thanks again for the invite.

Andrew Jackson

Steven R. Harmon said...

Andy, thanks for the invitation to contribute. I'll be glad to post on December 10.

simon said...

Hi Andy,
I'd be happy to blog on 21st

Steven R. Harmon said...

I meant 14 December rather than 10 December--my apologies.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the invitation. I'll happily do any date, but Dec 24th would be a preference.

Anonymous said...

Andy, sign me up for the 22nd December. Darrell

Ben Dare said...

Could I take the 23rd please Andy.

Anonymous said...

10 December for me please - David K

jim Gordon said...

Right Andy - I'll do 28 and 29 Nov since they are looming and still free. Sorry to be so late - not like me. Thanks for organising this.


Treeseer said...

I would like to have December 12.

andygoodliff said...

Who are you Treeseer?

Tim said...

Clare & I between us will do 8th & 12th

Juliet said...

Andy, I guess you might need me to fill Dec 3rd??? Can you confirm pls. If that place is filled no worries. Juliet :-)

Jonathan said...

you need to add me to the contributors so I can post today!