Tuesday, March 06, 2007

lent 07 blog (updated 6|3)

I'm going to attempt to organise another lent group blog. Last year was not a great success. I think I need at least 3 (preferably different) bloggers per week, to make it worthwhile. So if you want to join in, post a comment with your preferred dates.

feb 21 jim gordon
22 jon bishop
23 andy goodliff
24 ashley beck
25 1st sunday in lent
26 stuart blythe
27 andy goodliff
28 jim gordon
mar 1 jon bishop
2 ashley beck
3 stuart blythe
4 2nd sunday in lent
5 miriam pugh
6 - a quote from sam wells
7 jim gordon
8 jon bishop
9 brodie mcgregor
10 stuart blythe
11 3rd sunday in lent
12 miriam pugh
13 - a quote from sam wells
14 jim gordon
15 jon bishop
16 andy goodliff
18 4th sunday in lent
19 miriam pugh
20 rachel bishop
21 jim gordon
22 jon bishop
23 - a quote from sam wells
24 stuart blythe
25 5th sunday in lent
26 miriam pugh
27 - a quote from sam wells
28 jim gordon
29 jon bishop
31 stuart blythe
apr 1 6th sunday in lent
2 - a quote from sam wells
3 frog
4 jim gordon
5 jon bishop
6 stuart blythe
8 easter day


Jim Gordon said...

Hi Andy My birthday is on Wednesday Feb 21 - Ash Wednesday! I'll do that day and be happy to do the Wednesdays in Lent, 21, 28 Feb; 6, 13, 20, 27 March, and 4 April. I assume there is no set theme, other than appropriate to the Lenten period. Hope you get enough support.

andygoodliff said...

jim, brilliant. i've emailed you an invite to the blog. yes, blog on anything and in any medium, on something linked with lent

Jon Bishop said...

Hi Andy, I am up for helping again this year....I can do the following unless you have others waiting in the wings!

22nd Feb, 1, 8, 15,22,29 Mar 5 Apr

I trust you are well.

ash said...

I'll do the 24th Feb and 2nd March for now. Will pick up some later ones nearer then... I don't work with a life-schedule, so I prefer to be vaguely vague...

Stuart said...

Hi Andi

I will do 26th Feb, 3rd March, 10th March, 24th march, 31 March, 6 April

Frog said...

hellooo I'll do the 3rd of April please :)

Rachel said...

I could do the 20th, and maybe one more before the 31st. (Thanks for asking!)