Thursday, March 01, 2007


Well a just over a week in and I have to admit feeling weak. I haven't failed yet, but I have been sorely tempted. This year for lent I gave up certain foods, although with some of my young people. For me it was biscuits - especially ginger biscuits! Last night as I was reflecting on how things were going I realised that so far this first week I have really been doing this in my own strength. Using my will power alone to not give in and munch my way through a packet.

My understanding of lent is that its about refocusing on God and re-alining oneself with God. If lent becomes giving something up in my own strength then I have completely missed the point of it all.

Today - no matter who well, or badly things are going for you right now, just stop and ask God to enter into today and be your sustainer.

God bless.

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