Friday, March 02, 2007

Firstly, Apologies for posting this late. I completely forgot... I only noticed when I realised noone else had posted that this was because I should be posting! (EDIT: then i posted this on my blog by mistake).

For lent I have decided on two things:
a) I have given up coffee.
b) I have decided to read every post on this blog this lent, and reflect on it properly.

The first one was a bit of a cheat. I like coffee, yes, especially when I'm killing time during the day. But I thought it'd be fairly easy. It's not. It appears I drink it more often than I thought.

My SU bar at uni makes very bad cups of tea. And I don't drink cola anymore. And I don't like to drink beer before class. So I normally have a coffee. Now, I have to consciously think about what I'm going to order. Which both reminds me about the season, and makes me conscious of why I'm doing it; and also makes me think 'do I really need to buy a drink?' when I have bottles of water in my bag. And re-thinking what I spend money on is always healthy.

And reading and reflecting on the posts here is good for me, too. It helps me to spend just a little time reflecting on the faith in a devotional, rather than an academic way. It can be too easy to simply approach the faith critically, without engaging in the story- and that can be draining.

I guess I am sharing this for two reasons. First, because you can all help me if I see you by not offering to buy me coffee. Secondly, and more seriously, to encourage you, in whatever you have decided to do for Lent, to reflect on how it is good for you/ what you are learning from it.

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